Royal Arts Gala 2014

We are delighted to launch the Royal Arts Gala Fund 2014 call for applications. 

Thanks to the contributions collected via The Royal Arts Gala, The Royal Arts Gala Fund is back! This initiative encourages the global cultural mobility, with the larger aim of extending networks and supporting collaboration between cultural professionals from Malaysia and international partners.

Type of Funding: Grant
Support Levels  : RM 1,000 to RM 30,000
Call for Application Dates: 1st December 2014 (Monday) - 8th February 2015 (Sunday).

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  • Promote original Malaysian/artiste works overseas.
  • Encourage and facilitate international co-production and collaborations.
  • Develop technical and managerial skills for performing arts managers and administrators.
  • Undertake research and documentation projects in performing arts.

Who Can Receive A Grant

Applicants are required to 
  • Be Malaysian citizens or Malaysian permanent residents who are actively engaged in the Malaysian performing arts industry.
  • Apply for the fund individually or collectively. Artists, choreographers, composers, dancers, directors, musicians and writers are eligible to apply. However the lead applicant must assume full administrative responsibility as well as be involved in the whole process. The lead applicant must be a Malaysian Citizen or Permanent Resident. Proposals that involve collaborations with foreigners are eligible. Foreign collaborators must not represent more than half of the team
Selection and Assessment Criteria

Funding support is awarded through a highly competitive evaluation process by the
Funding Committee. Applicants will be evaluated against the following criteria via
the committee as well as the strength of relevant supporting materials submitted.

1.  Artistic Merit of Proposal
  • Originality and Innovativeness of concept
  • Proposal addresses gap(s) in the Malaysian arts scene
  • Strength and clarity of idea and description of how the proposed work will be developed, outcome of the proposed creation and detailed action plan for these outcomes to be achieved
  • Relevant approach to work’s content and cultural specificity
2.  Contribution to Malaysia’s Arts Scene and Artistic Legacy
  • Relevance to Malaysia
  • Allows engagement with audience by exposing the community to a broad range of differing perspectives, or fosters increased understanding of the arts
3.  Applicant’s Competency and Calibre
  • Ability, expertise and necessary support to undertake and complete proposed work demonstrated through clear articulation of proposal
  • Past achievements demonstrate strong artistic merit and high production values, and are critically recognized in the Malaysian arts scene
  • Capacity and commitment in delivering the said art initiative
4.  Sound Financial Management
  • Sound, realistic budget and planning of the cost of the initiative process, the execution of the work
  • Effective use of resources
5.  Project Management and Distribution Plan

     Eligible expenses include:
  • Artistes/Collaborators professional fees
  • Development costs which includes research, material and travel expenses

     Ineligible expenses include: 
  • Capital expenditure including refurbishment of buildings and offices 
  • Purchase of equipment (e.g. laptop, printer, musical instrument etc.)
  • Academic research and conferences, workshops and development of teaching and resources specifically for academic courses
  • Print and publicity costs

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For enquires, please email us at  or call us at .

*Note that the application deadline has been extended from Sunday, 11th January 2015 to Sunday, 8th February 2015