Who We Are

MYPAA is a privately owned arts agency with the express aim of supporting the continuing development of artistic and cultural efforts in Malaysia, by facilitating mutually beneficial collaborative partnerships between the public and private sectors and the creative arts industry, for the benefit of everyone involved in the making and appreciation of the arts.

Who We Are

Founded by Izan Satrina and Brian Johnson Lowe, our team is made up of a passionate bunch arts practitioners and administrators who believe that great art and culture inspires self-discovery, community building, and a deeper appreciation of the world around us.

Our Priorities

  • Who We Are
    Creating an ecosystem that supports an environment for creative entrepreneurs
  • Who We Are
    Nurturing a diverse and highly skilled arts workforce
  • Who We Are
    Increase the number of people experiencing the arts

Energise The Arts

The performing arts industry is an industry of passion.

Without the arts to inspire and invigorate us with the poetry and passion of life, Malaysia would not be the dynamic country it has become.

At MYPAA, we believe that arts and culture contribute deeply to the development of well-rounded leaders of the future. There is no greater joy than that moment of wonder when a connection is made through the arts and culture.

Your continuing support to the development for the arts will enable the ongoing work of Malaysian artists, who in their various creative disciplines in turn contribute to the enrichment of the country’s cultural arts heritage.

Energise The Arts

MYPAA believes that everyone, especially members of the corporate community, can contribute to the work of these artists, by supporting them as individuals or organizations.

Support at MYPAA may include the following rights and benefits, according to the level of support.

  • First rights of refusal to events under MYPAA’s purview
  • Tax exemption support
  • Partnership with MYPAA’s network of partners
  • Inclusion in MYPAA and selected partners campaigns Logo recognition in onsite sign and publications
  • Logo, with hyperlink to corporate page

MYPAA is more than happy to work with each partner to develop a customized, targeted package with your business objectives in mind.