Royal Arts Gala 2014

  • Overview

    The Royal Arts Gala, an iconic arts initiative by My Performing Arts Agency (MYPAA) in collaboration with the National Department for Culture and Arts (JKKN) is back for its second instalment.

    The Royal Arts Gala Returns

    The Royal Arts Gala, an iconic arts initiative by My Performing Arts Agency (MYPAA) in collaboration with the National Department for Culture and Arts (JKKN), supported by Ministry of Tourism and Culture (MOTAC) is back for its second instalment.

    With the support from the Ministry of Tourism and Culture and Performance Management Delivery Unit (PEMANDU), The Royal Arts Gala has been created as a platform to help support the performing arts industry and raise the profile of performing arts to the private and public sectors.

    The Royal Arts Gala Returns

    The initiative is part of the National Creative Industry Policy Quick Wins (DIKN) under EPP1 NKEA Communications Content and Infrastructure.

    The Gala, now scheduled for 25 January 2014, promises a night of entertainment. The Royal Showcase is the main highlight of the upcoming Royal Arts Gala-the 45-minute showcase is chock full of Malaysia’s best talents:

    • starring Ezlynn, famous for her chart-topping hit Hi Hi Bye Bye, Tony Eusoff, Malaysia’s musical theatre heartthrob and Adibah Noor, multi-talented and award-winning performer.

    • directed by the acclaimed Adlin Aman Ramlie, renowned for his works in Puteri Gunung Ledang the movie, reality show Akademi Fantasia, Maharaja Lawak Mega, Uda dan Dara, Puteri Gunung Ledang the Musical, and P.Ramlee the Musical amongst others.

    • the musical’s music is composed by Onn San, award-winning composer and orchestrator, whose works include The Secret Life of Nora and Everworld, will be working with Istana Budaya’s esteemed Orkestra Simfoni Kebangsaan and Orkestra Tradisional Malaysia

    • features the amazing choreography of ASWARA Dance Company’s star choreographer, Fairul Zahid, and will also highlight some of the country’s best performing art’s talents including the Temple of Fine Arts, ASWARA Dance Company, JKKN Cultural Group, Suhaili Micheline and dancers, and many more.  

    • Production Manager, Melissa Teoh, responsible for some of best productions including The Secret Life of Nora, Beauty and the Beast, Prince Siddhartha-The Musical, Evita and West Side Story and

    • Artistic Director, Tommy Mansur, renowned in the industry for having designed the sets of KRU Film’s Vikingdom amongst many other theatre and film productions, will both be transporting the audience to a whimsical and fresh interpretation of the country’s social and geographical landscape through ingenious use of costumes, projections and sets.

    The much anticipated show revolves around Princess Artilla (played by Ezlynn), who hails from a land where the arts abound. This spunky and free spirited princess is betrothed to Prince Syah Rohan (played by Tony Eusoff) from a neighbouring Kingdom; one that has denounced the arts since the time of their forefathers.  Heavy-heartedly, the Princess agrees to embark on an expedition with the Prince to understand each other better.  Along with their Royal entourage the expedition brings them to art-enriched corners of her Kingdom; a journey that eventually changes the Prince’s perception of the arts.  Audience will discover whether or not this journey is enough to alter the strong-willed Princess’ change in heart.

    “We couldn’t be happier to have a stellar line up of the best with us for this Royal Arts Gala. The creative team is a splendid and genuinely determined team to give all their best for the event, and the stars and artistes will bring all of the power and soul of this story to life in an all-new staging created specifically for the former Istana Negara. This is a once in lifetime experience that our patrons will remember and certainly enjoy,” remarked Izan Satrina Mohd Sallehuddin, Director of MyPAA.

    “The musical will showcase the best of the best that the country has to offer which also reiterates the theme of the show ie The Arts, The Soul of A Nation. My vision is to create a piece that puts forward a unique collaboration between all those involved in the production from the artistes, dancers amongst others. Though I am shaping the story and the artistic direction, the whole process is not a one-way street, it is very inclusive of the whole team-they are involved in delivering the story together. The beauty of the production is that it has the potential to be staged in a full fledge production, giving the public a made-in-Malaysia performing arts product of world-class standard. In addition, this event would be a platform where the talents are exposed to the corporate leaders who’ll be attending the events, showcasing the arts and entertainment possibilities that can be part of their own corporate events,” commented Adlin Aman Ramlie.

    “We are always trying to push the boundaries in delivering a one-of-a-kind experience for our patrons. With our partners on board, ranging from Clé De Peau Beauté, Tumasek Pewter, Seri Pacific Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Jabatan Muzium Malaysia amongst others, we are able to deliver the Royal Arts Gala from a hotel space in 2012 to the beautiful former Istana Negara grounds this 2014. There’s always something new and exciting to be expected at the Gala,”  remarked Izan Satrina Mohd Sallehuddin, Director of MyPAA.

    Visit Malaysia Year 2014
    The Royal Arts Gala that was originally scheduled to take place on 23 November 2013 at the former Istana Negara (Jln Istana) is now slated for 25 January 2014, Saturday to coincide with Visit Malaysia Year 2014 (VMY 2014), adding a prestigious offering into the mix of colourful events held under this campaign.  

    “During the celebration of VMY 2014, the country will be abuzz with various colourful parades, carnivals, festivals, shows, events, conventions and celebrations in preparation for 2015 – Malaysia’s Year of Festivals. These will cover a wide range of activities from sports and culture to festivals and arts, reflecting a celebration of the diverse lifestyles and customs of Malaysia. With over 200 exciting tourism happenings taking place this year and next, there will be a kaleidoscope of events ranging from premium experiences to offerings that would appeal and engage the masses. Performers from various backgrounds and artistic disciplines will have the opportunity to display their talents and creativity to fellow Malaysians and the world!” remarked Datuk Dr. Ong Hong Peng, Secretary General of MOTAC.

    A Royal Experience
    The event will include a tour of the royal palace (which was the official residence of His and Her Majesties), a sumptuous four-course dinner presented by Seri Pacific Hotel Kuala Lumpur, the official hotel of the Gala, and a 45-minute Royal Show and the conferring of The Royal Medallions , supported by Tumasek Pewter, to honour a creative practitioner and a corporate angel who has shown lifelong passion and dedication to enriching the wealth of the performing arts in Malaysia. The event is further enhanced by premium gifts and onground experience by Clé De Peau Beauté.

    To add prestige to the evening, Seri Paduka Yang di Pertuan Agong Tuanku Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah Ibni Sultan Badlishah and Seri Paduka Baginda Raja Permaisuri Agong Sultanah Hajjah Haminah binti Hamidun will be gracing the event.  

    More than RM700,000 was raised during the maiden Royal Arts Gala in 2012, which was channelled to 31 recipients which includes Akasha, Rhythm in Bronze, Five Arts Centre, Rumah Anak Teater, Rimbun Dahan, amongst others. The Royal Arts Gala is an excellent opportunity for the private sector to join the vision of promoting sustainability in performing arts, whilst providing a platform to host esteemed clients and business partners at an exclusive and royal evening, in the company of the country’s creative and corporate elite. Tables for the gala and the royal experience are priced at RM15,000 (Gamelan table), RM25,000 (Odissi table), RM35,000 (Wayang Kulit table), and RM50,000 (Mak Yong table) per table. In addition, any support for the initiative is tax exempted.  

    Datuk Norliza Rofli, Director General of JKKN said, “We look forward to supporting the industry, together with the private sector to deliver this grants scheme which is responsive to the needs of practitioners of the performing arts in this developing industry. We appreciate the generous contributions from our partners and sponsors this year and hope the industry receives continuous support from here onwards. It is good to know that local practitioners now have access to the kind of support that ensures their skills and talents can further flourish and fulfil their potential.”

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  • The Royal Arts Gala Fund

    Proceeds collected from The Royal Arts Gala is made available annually for selected recipients from the performing arts industry to:

    The Royal Arts Gala Fund
    • Promote Malaysian artists and works overseas
    • (eg. in performing arts market, festival, showcase, pitch session, tour)
    • Facilitate international coproductions and collaborations involving Malaysian and overseas talent
    • Develop technical and managerial skills among Malaysian performing arts managers and administrators
    • Research and document projects in the performing arts

    For more information, visit or email .

    • The Royal Arts Gala Fund
  • Shortlisted Applications

    Below are the list of recipients of the 2013 Royal Arts Gala Fund.

    Summary of Applications - TYPE A (Promote Malaysian Artists/ Works Overseas)

    Applicant Name Company Name Applicant Type Approved Budget - RM Period
    Gan Eng Cheng ACX PRODUCTIONS Company 5,500 1-8 Sept 2013
    Lee Swee Seng Lee Wushu Arts Theatre Group 20,000 23-27 Oct 2013
    Loh Kok Man Pentas Project Theatre Production Company 25,000 Oct 18-20 2013
    Sharmini S.Ratnasingam Rhythm in Bronze Group 50,000 Sept 2013-Sept 2014
    Tay Cher Siang WVC TRiO +1 Group 24,000 March-April 2014
    Faisal Mustaffa RAT Production Company 24,000 Jan-Feb 2014
    Kumar Karthigesu Hansa Productions Company 50,000 Sept-Nov 2013
    Usha Rajoo THE TEMPLE OF FINE ARTS MALAYSIA Society 50,000 Oct-Nov 2013
    Chang Juen Ch'ing (Michelle) Michelle Jueney Individual 5,000 30 Oct-2Nov 2013

    Original Entries: 21
    Approved: 9

    Summary of Applications - TYPE B (International Co-Production/ Collaboration)

    Applicant Name Company Name Applicant Type Approved Budget - RM Period
    Ruben Govin Terry And The Cuz Productions Company 25,000 7-14 Dec 2013
    David Lim MyDance Alliance Society 10,000 4-10 Nov 2013
    Bilqis Hijas Rimbun Dahan Company 25,000 Aug-Sept 2014
    Tanabalan Sinniah Persatuan Seni Pentas India Kuala Lumpur Society 25,000 Oct 16-20 2013
    Tan E Jan Toccata Studio Company 10,000 Oct 20 2013
    Lim How Ngean Not applicable Individual 20,000 July-Oct 2014
    Manjit Singh Gill Goldkartz Productions Group 50,000 Sept 2013-March 2014
    Kek Jack Magic Bean Dance & Body Skills Studio Company 20,000 Oct 2013-Jan 2014
    LEE LEE YEE HAN GOODNEWS ARTSPACE Individual 10,000 15 Sept-Oct 2013
    Yeow Lai Chee Pusat Tarian Rose Soubi Sha Company 25,000 11-24June 2014
    Kumaresan Karthigesu The Temple of Fine Arts Malaysia Individual 20,000 Jan-Feb 2014
    Joanna Bessey Enfiniti Academy Sdn. Bhd. Company 20,000 Oct-Dec 2013
    Tuan Faisal Tuan Kob Playground Productions Company 25,000 April-Nov 2014
    Kamini Manikam TANJAI KAMALAA INDIRA DANCE SCHOOL Group 15,000 5-6th April 2014
    Lee Hui Hui Hands Percussion Sdn Bhd Company 50,000 Sept 2013- Feb 2014

    Original Entries: 27
    Approved: 15

    Summary of Applications - TYPE C (Reasearch & Documentation)

    Applicant Name Company Name Applicant Type Approved Budget - RM Period
    Tan Hong Ai Five Arts Centre Sdn Bhd Company 14,500 19 months
    Nursuliana Sulaiman DAM Interactive Individual 25,000 Nov 2013-Oct 2014
    Chen Yoke Pin Arts-ED (Persatuan Pendidikan Seni Pulau Pinang) Society 15,000 Jan-Sept 2014
    Marina Tan Drama Archive Group 15,000 Nov 2013- Mar 2014 & Apr-13
    Sulaiman Muhammad Fairuz DAM Interactive Individual 15000 Jan - May 2014
    Chuo Yuan Ping Actiontintoy Design Laboratory Sdn. Bhd. Individual 15,000 4 months

    Original Entries: 10
    Approved: 6

    Summary of Shorlisted Applications - TYPE D (Technical & Managerial Skills)

    Applicant Name Company Name Applicant Type Approved Budget - RM Period
    Lim Soon Shakespeare Demystified Group 15,000 May-Aug 2014

    Original Entries: 6
    Approved: 1