• Energise The Arts
    Our express aim is supporting the continuing development of artistic and cultural efforts in Malaysia
  • Making Arts A Way of Life
    MYPAA aims to benefit everyone involved in the making and appreciation of the arts
  • Create. Collaborate. Community.
    We believe that the arts and culture inspires self-discovery, community spirit and a deeper appreciation of the world around us
01 Dec
The 2nd Royal Arts Gala Fund call for applications is now on from 1st December 2014 until 11th January 2015. Apply now!
22 Nov
Borak Arts Series 2014 - Building Knowledge Capacity in Funding and Mobility
17 Sep
Artivate is an artpreneurship workshop designed for youths who are considering starting a business in the creative arts
26 Apr
Borak Arts Series Youth 2014
Borak Arts Series Youth
Our Focus at MYPAA
  • 01
    We build collaborative partnerships between the performing arts and the public and private sectors
  • 02
    We offer arts management services and solutions on how to connect with funders and allies within the public and private sectors
  • 03
    We provide event planning and management services: overseeing and executing your project from conception to completion
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